Tuesday, 19 January 2016

What have we got? What do we need?

This week we made some lists of equipment we have for outdoor learning. We split up into two groups and made lists of what we could find and some suggestions for what we might need. We also asked Mr Scott to bring one of the big guide tents to our space so that we would remember it (there are two tents but they are quite big so one in our space is enough).

We definitely need more Paracord - our rope is great but heavy and difficult to work with.
We could make up our own fire making kits if we get some tins and some fire steels and metal colanders.

It would be good to have a special place to use the Kelly Kettle and practice bushcraft in the front playground.

We wondered about having an 'Open Tent Day' when the weather gets better. We could put the tent up in the front playground in the  morning and invite every class could be to visit the tent through the day.

Some of the things we would like to have are wheeled carts to carry our equipment up to Muddisdale and across to the Peedie Sea.

Next week we will use the Kelly Kettle and think about the best place for doing that in the school grounds.

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