Monday, 11 January 2016


Today the Mission Explore Group went to Muddisdale to have a think about activities all classesd at Glaitness could do there. Three of us had never been there before. 

There has been a lot of rain recently and some of the path is washed away. It has been eroded  by all the rain water draining off Wideford Hill. The ditch was very full of muddy, fast running water.

We had a good look in some of the areas off the path too to think of things we could do in different places.

It was a long walk for some of us. 
We worked out it was about 1.5 miles all the way round and to and from school.

Its important to always have wellies for our trips. 
It makes puddles fun rather than something we have to avoid.

Back at school we just had enough time to write some of our ideas down. They will be laminated and put on the activity tree for everyone to browse and think about.

The ideas for activities at the Peedie Sea are blue and the ideas for activities at Muddisdale are green.

Here is our list. If you think you can add more please write them in the comments below. 

bird watching
tree identification
den building
path repair
stick shelter making
stick sculptures
hide and seek
stick arrow trails 
minibeast hunt
leaf matching
hot chocolate and kelly kettle
dough twists
exercise circuits
treasure hunt - aniumal cards
troll hunt
guided talks
insect traps
drawing and painting
bridge building
racing model boats/ rafts
Pick Up Three Pieces

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