Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Hot chocolate on a winters day!

Today we had the opportunity to use the Kelly kettle to make some hot chocolate. A great way to end a day of learning!
 First we played a game of 'Fruit Salad' to ensure we remembered the rules about keeping safe.
Then we put all the materials in the kettle ensuring there was just the right amount to light the fire.
Once the water was warm we could enjoy our drink.
I wonder if other classes would like to join us one day?

Monday, 1 February 2016

Fire pit area designs

This week we thought in detail about the design of the fire pit area in the front playground - where things would go and what materials we need. If we have a fire and we want to use the Kelly Kettle at the same time where does it go?

 Next we need to find out about what materials are available - what can we use to build it and some seating. We need some shelter around it too.

How big should it be? What size? How much stone or sand and chips do we need?
Do we need logs or planks for benches to sit on?